Charlie White Is Engaged to Tanith Belbin! (VIDEO)
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Dancing With The Stars

Charlie White Is Engaged to Tanith Belbin! (VIDEO)

Charlie White wins again!

The ice dancer won gold with Meryl Davis at the Sochi Olympics before they both joined Dancing With the Stars Season 18. Meryl won the Mirror Ball trophy, but Charlie is walking away with something more precious — a fiancée!

Charlie, 26, and fellow ice dancer Tanith Belbin, 29, have been dating for a long time, and after DWTS they moved into a new house together. Charlie also cut off his beautiful curls, which many readers thought made him look more mature. Well, what does a handsome mature man often ask his beautiful lady friend when they’ve been together for a long time?

Charlie shared the photo shown on June 10, during the couple's post-DWTS trip to Hawaii. "Couldn't ask for a more beautiful setting for the best time in our life! Hashtag she said yes!!!” Tanith also shared the photo, tweeting heart and ring emojis. (It’s not exactly a close-up, but you can see her engagement ring in the pic.)

What a beautiful couple! And of course they already have a child together (sort of), their dog DJ. As Charlie wrote on May 26, when sharing a photo with Tanith and DJ: "The past 6 months have been the craziest of my life- and I can honestly say there's no way I would have survived without these two. 5 years together, but it only feels like 5 days." Aww!

One fan commented that she couldn't believe they'd been together five years without a proposal. Well ... thanks for checking, but he had it covered! They just waited for the perfect moment.

Congrats to a lovely, talented couple! May you have many years of happiness (and maybe some cute little babies with floppy blond curls, but no pressure).

Source: Instagram