Check Out Kanye West on the Finale of Kris Jenner’s Show! [Video]
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The Kardashians

Check Out Kanye West on the Finale of Kris Jenner’s Show! [Video]

Kanye West is hoping to draw her biggest audience yet with Friday’s episode of Kris, and, based on her impressive celebrity guest list, she may be able to do just that.

The Kardashian momager, who has made the first season of her show a family affair already, is welcoming daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner to Friday's show, in addition to special guest Kanye West, in the stunt to end all stunts.

While there has already been speculation that Kanye will show the first photo of baby North on the show, the promo video for the episode gives away little about his appearance, other than that he has not yet perfected the art of looking interested in stuff he doesn’t want to do.

What we do know is that Kanye showed up, dressed kind of like a hipster carpenter on his day off, allowed Kris to kiss the sanctified air near his head, and then smiled like his teeth were being pulled.

Other highlights from the show include Kendall and Kylie’s fashion show, in which they showcase fifty different ways to wear leather leggings with boxy tops, and a peek at Carlos Ponce’s abs.

Do you think Kanye’s appearance will be enough to get Kris’ show picked up for more episodes? Will you tune in?

Source: YouTube

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