Check Out Melissa Gorga’s Soft Ombre Curls — Hot or Not?
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Check Out Melissa Gorga’s Soft Ombre Curls — Hot or Not?

Melissa Gorga is rocking a brand new hairstyle and we are absolutely loving it! The Real Housewives of New Jersey went on her Instagram to show off the pretty new 'do to her followers.

"Stopped by @bottegasb for some curls ;-)," Melissa wrote next to the image.

The photo is taken from behind, so we get a full view of how gorgeous her hair is in all of its glory. The ombre locks fall into a perfect v-shape in the middle of her back, in soft wavy curls. We are dying over how amazing it looks!

Melissa's been knocking it out of the park regularly lately, whether she's dressed to the nines to go out, dressed down to hit the gym, or even dressed up in a costume.

Just last week, Melissa posted a super hot picture of herself decked out in a SWAT team disguise, including a police badge and a walkie talkie. We're still not sure what the occasion was for the get-up, but we're hoping we'll get a clue on Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6.

Of course, for Melissa (and everyone!), looking good takes a little bit of hard work. But, she decided to start 2014 off the right way — with one foot in the gym! It's easy to have a killer bod when you put in the squats and lunges.

No matter what, though, her hair always seems to be flawless.

Do you love Melissa's ombre waves or do you prefer her silky straight styles? Sound off in the comments section below!