Check Out This Old-School Pic of Kathy and Richard Wakile!
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Check Out This Old-School Pic of Kathy and Richard Wakile!

Wow, you guys — prepare your eyes for a serious 80s flashback. In honor of Throwback Thursday last week, Kathy Wakile posted a super old-school photo of her and her hubby, Richard Wakile. Believe it or not, the Real Housewives of New Jersey couple is celebrating a major milestone… it's been 25 years since they first met!

Kathy couldn't resist posting this retro picture.

"Today marks 25 years that @richardwakile & I first met! #TBT #Florida. See you soon Babe!," she wrote next to the somewhat hilarious image.

A little math places this picture at about 1989, which would signal the fashions to be a little closer to early 1990s styles. But, combined with Jersey big hair and gold chains, Kathy and Richie look like they just came straight off the set of The Breakfast Club.

Richie is trying to channel his inner tough guy in the picture, making his best James Dean face, while Kathy is all smiles. Her mop of permed hair, oversized faded jean jacket, and red press-on nails make her a dead ringer for a member of The Bangles.

Also, looking at this photo, it's plain to see that their kids, Victoria and Joseph, look exactly like them! Victoria especially looks like her mother's clone, while Joseph is basically his father with a few of Kathy's features thrown in.

Congrats to the couple on 25 years of making it work!

Are you surprised that Kathy and Richard have known each other for a quarter century? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!