Chelsea Houska: 5 Thing You Didn’t Know About Her Family
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Chelsea Houska: 5 Thing You Didn’t Know About Her Family

Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska is as sweet and down-to-earth as they come, and we’ve fallen in love with her daughter Aubree and dad Randy as well. Given that Papa Randalicious is such a fixture on the show, we were surprised to find out that Chel-Chel has a giant and amazing family that we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting.

According to a blog post by Chelsea’s oldest sister Melissa, we will never meet them — at least not on TV. Chelsea’s family, for the most part, isn’t interested in the spotlight. Luckily, Mel did share some details about Chels’s off-camera life. Read on for all of the juicy details about our girl Chelsea … and her crazy childhood!

1. Chelsea Is the Youngest of Four Girls!

That’s right, Chels has three older sisters (and no brothers). Her eldest sisters, Melissa and Angie, are in their 30s, and Chelsea’s third sis, Emily, just turned 25 on August 1.

2. Randy Was the Man of the House

Papa Randalicious was perfectly content to be surrounded by his lovely ladies, and happy to be the “main man” in Chelsea’s life … at least until Adam Lind came around!

3. The Family Has Always Been Close — Even Post Divorce

Despite an almost 12-year age gap, all four of the sisters grew up very close under one roof in Vermillion, South Dakota. And even though Daddy Randy and Momma Mary divorced, they’re both happy and still involved with all of their girls and their grandkids!

4. Chelsea’s Eldest Sis Melissa Had to Babysit Her as a Teen

Melissa is 11 and a half years older than Chel-Chel and remembers babysitting a preschool-age Chelsea a lot as a high schooler. Although most of her friends thought Chelsea was cute, Mel thought of her as “a pest.” We’re guessing that being responsible for Chels as a teen had a hand in Melissa waiting until she was much older to have children of her own!

Chelsea Houska: 5 Thing You Didn’t Know About Her Family
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5. All of the Sisters Have Little Girls of Their Own.

Chelsea’s sisters Angie and Emily have two each, while Chelsea and Melissa have one daughter each. So many cousins!

We can tell from Melissa’s stories that Chelsea had an amazing family experience, which obviously shaped her into the woman she is today. With all of these female role models around (plus one awesome motorbiking dad), it’s no surprise that Chels is such a phenomenal mom to little Aubree!

Did you know this fun five facts about Chelsea? Tell us below!

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