How Did Chelsea and Aubree Houska Spend Their Weekend? (PHOTO)
Credit: Chelsea Houska on Instagram    

Chelsea Houska

How Did Chelsea and Aubree Houska Spend Their Weekend? (PHOTO)

If there's one thing we know about Chelsea Houska it's that she loves to shop. And she loves affixing hair extensions to her scalp, but that's beside the point. This Teen Mom 2 star is a shop-o-holic with an amazing sense of style and an even more amazing wardrobe, and this week she took a road trip to The Mother Ship — by which we mean Mall of America.

That's right, Chelsea and her mini-me, Aubree Houska (who's even more stylish than her mom), left their home state of South Dakota for a quick road trip over to Minnesota — home to one of the biggest tourist attractions in the USA.

We imagine Aubree and Chelsea had an amazing time shopping at Claire’s, hitting up the American Girl store, and eating tons of food court noms, and Chelsea even posted a picture of their big day!

Naturally, said picture features Aubree — and it looks like this kiddo had a great time. Yep, not only did Aubs get her face painted like a tiger, she rode around on a bumper car! And yes, it's safe to assume that four-year-old Aubree is a better driver than her father, Adam Lind.

Looks like Chels and Aubs had a pretty sweet stay at their home away from home, right gang? Hit up the comments and tell us what you think of their special mother-daughter road trip!