Chelsea Houska Gets Airbrush Makeup Certification!
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Chelsea Houska Gets Airbrush Makeup Certification!

There's a reason why Chelsea Houska is Teen Mom 2's resident bombshell. This gal seems incapable of leaving the house without looking jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and it's all thanks to her professional training as a hair and makeup stylist!

Chelsea learned to style herself (and others) thanks to an intensive program at Black Hills Beauty College, and now she's taking things up a notch with a certificate in air brushing.

"Just finished a class for airbrush makeup certification," she tweeted on August 7.

If you think airbrushing is something nerds do on photoshop, think again. When it comes to the wonderful world of makeup, airbrushing is a technique wherein the face is sprayed with a steady stream of foundation, giving skin a flawless, even tone! So, how does Chelsea plan on using her new skill?

"Personally i like the regular application better but for weddings and events Im gonna try to do mostly airbrush," she shared.

Um, can we see a show of hands if you're going to spend the next couple of weeks hunting down a fiancé in the hopes that Chelsea will fly to your home state and spray your face with foundation? We're right there with you.

And by the way, let's give props to Chelsea for being so proactive about her career and education! This gal is beating all kinds of teen mom odds, and we can't wait for her to open up her very own salon in the near future!

Do you apply makeup using the airbrushing technique, or traditional application? Tell us below!

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08.8.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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