Chelsea Handler Reveals: I Don’t Like Kim Kardashian!
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The Kardashians

Chelsea Handler Reveals: I Don’t Like Kim Kardashian!

Every family has its sibling rivalries, and the Kardashians are no exceptions. Whether they’re feuding over men, clothes, or attention from momager Kris Jenner, the Kardashian family’s feuds are the stuff of legend — and now, Chelsea Handler’s adding fuel to the fire.

The comedian, whose reputation for stirring the pot knows no limits, is pitting Kim and Khloe Kardashian against one another in an epic battle to be the brash blonde’s favorite sister.

Chelsea, who recently had Khloe fill in for her as host of Chelsea Lately, revealed at the Live Talks Los Angeles Presents Chelsea Handler in Conversation With Gwyneth Paltrow event that, while she’s Khloe’s number one supporter, she’s no fan of her big sis, Kim.

“I actually like Khloé and she is really, really sweet,” said Chelsea. “[But I’m] not a huge fan of the other one.”

While Chelsea didn’t name names — and could be talking about Kourtney — it seems pretty clear that her jab was directed at Kim.

Chelsea, who admitted earlier this year that Kim is “not [her] girl,” has nonetheless let Kim co-host her late night show with her sisters, although the program has become a platform for further feuding among the girls.

When Khloe hosted the show recently, she revealed of her family dynamic, “My mom basically tags around with Kim, follows her around, dresses like Kim … I'm her favorite today, but normally it's Kim everyday, all day, erryday."

Do you think Chelsea should put her jabs at Kim to rest?

Source: Life & Style