Chelsea Houska’s Daughter Aubree Learns to Sings Her Name! (VIDEO)
Credit: Chelsea Houska on Instagram    

Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska’s Daughter Aubree Learns to Sings Her Name! (VIDEO)

Fans of Teen Mom 2 have watched Chelsea Houska raise her daughter, Aubree, from infancy (sob, memories!), and it's amazing to see this little lady grow up both on camera and through social media.

Chelsea keeps her private life on the down-low when Teen Mom 2 isn't filming, but she loves posting photos and videos of Aubs to Twitter and Instagram, and she recently shared an adorable flick of this little lady learning how to spell her name.

"Last night she said she couldn't always remember the letters in her name..." Chelsea posted along with the clip. "SO we made it into a song! And she's been singing it all morning."

In the Instavid, Aubree waves her hands around and sings, "A-U-B-R-E-E" in the most adorable way ever, and we've learned several things as a result. First, Aubree is clearly a genius who will go on to win all the spelling bees, and secondly, her style is even more flawless than usual.

Check out that top bun and maxi skirt, guys! This child is so much better dressed than we are, it's not even funny.

In other news, who else is excited for Aubree and Chelsea to hit up the small screen during Teen Mom 2's triumphant return on Wednesday July 16 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV?! Let us know below!