Chelsea Houska’s Daughter Aubree Chills With New Baby Sister Paislee (VIDEO)
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Chelsea Houska’s Daughter Aubree Chills With New Baby Sister Paislee (VIDEO)

Taylor Halbur is back on Twitter — and you know what that means! 1) We can dust off our Team Chelsea T-shirt, and 2) We can coo over photos of Taylor's adorable love child, Paislee Lind! This little lady is the second daughter of Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind, who already has one child with Chelsea Houska. Sadly, fans were cut out of this happy family's lives when Taylor disabled her Twitter account, but homegirl is back and better than ever — this time with pictures of Adam, Paislee, and Chelsea's daughter, Aubree!

Aubree doesn't spend too much time with her pops, but she's all about bonding with her little sister. Check out this ridiculously sweet Instavid of Aubree hanging with Paislee in her bouncy chair, wherein she utters the cutest sentence ever. To quote: "High sweetpea! Hi Paislee!"

Welp, there go our ovaries. We can't even handle this sister-sister bond! Traveling pants, guys. They'll be sharing them any day now!

In other news, Aubree is just about the most helpful sister ever. Not only does she provide endless entertainment to Paislee, she helped Adam during mealtime! Check out this picture of Adam looking adoringly at Aubs as she feeds Paislee. Sure, Adam's terrifying array of tattoos, polka-dotted shorts, sinister facial hair, and inability to correctly wear his sunglasses is slightly distracting, but once you get past his series of fashion fails this is a pretty sweet pic.

No news as to whether Chelsea has met Aubree's sister, but we're sure she's 100 percent supportive of Adam's new flirtation with daddyhood! Because, duh, she's the best person ever.