Will Chelsea Houska Let Aubree Visit Adam Lind in Jail?
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Chelsea Houska

Will Chelsea Houska Let Aubree Visit Adam Lind in Jail?

Did you hear the unfortunate news about Adam Lind? This Teen Mom 2 sidekick is once again shacked up behind bars — this time for charges stemming from an arrest back in March.

Adam was booked in the slammer on August 10 and will remain there for 10 days, and we're wondering how his baby mama, Chelsea Houska, feels about the situation. The short answer? Not good.

Chelsea's always been concerned about her daughter, Aubree, spending time with Adam due to his irresponsible driving, and this latest incarceration might be the last straw.

“Adam has multiple court dates coming up and still has yet to get his sentencing over his most recent car accident charges,” a source tells RadarOnline.com. “So any visitation is still supervised by his parents, and will be re-evaluated once he gets his sentencing.”

If Adam ends up going to jail following his sentencing, it could seriously affect his relationship with Aubree (who he currently sees during a regular scheduled visitation). “Chelsea won’t be bringing Aubree to see him [in jail],” the source continues.

“His court dates and stuff aren’t a conversation to have with a 4-year-old. She wouldn’t even understand it.”

Fans might think this is slightly harsh (shouldn't Aubree have a relationship with her dad even when he's behind bars?), but the source insists that “Chelsea is trying to protect her daughter," and adds that “Aubree hasn’t asked where her dad is."

Hopefully, Adam will manage to stay out of jail for at least a few months so he can see Aubs before his next inevitable trip to the clink!

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Source: RadarOnline.com