What Is Chelsea Houska’s Latest Workout?
Credit: Chelsea Houska on Instagram    

Chelsea Houska

What Is Chelsea Houska’s Latest Workout?

It’s no secret that Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska is keen on living a healthy lifestyle — all with her exercise and lean diet. Over the past year, Chelsea has been working hard on her sleek physique, and even though we think this momma is gorgeous at any size, she’s been looking a whole lot slimmer these days!

So it’s no surprise to learn that Chelsea recently took up a new workout regime. After all, this girl has tried out pretty much every exercise under the sun. From hot yoga, kick-boxing, to even considering pole dancing classes, this girl is dedicated, y’all. So what’s the latest exercise fad Chel-Chel is doing? “Tried out crossfit tonight!” she tweeted to her legions of fans. “I’m gonna be sore in the morning.”

We love how dedicated Chel is at staying fit, no matter how tough it is. The best part is that Chelsea does it the healthy way. Back in January, Chelsea dished to Wetpaint Entertainment just how she is approaching weight loss. "I work out. I was juicing. I got into this really big health kick for a while and I'm still really into it.” We’re glad to see this still rings true months later!

Chelsea also revealed what inspired her to start living a healthy lifestyle after giving birth to her mini-me, Aubree. “After I got over the Adam thing I was like, wait a second — I have not been taking care of myself. I didn't feel good, you know what I mean?" she previously told Wetpaint. "I was just like, I want to focus on myself, I want to feel good about myself. This season I was like, I'm just gonna do me."

Get it, girl! We’re so proud of this beauty queen. From graduating beauty school, to raising little Aubree while her ex, Adam Lind, gets arrested again, we have to say this girl deserves the Momma of the Year award.

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