Chelsea Houska Defends Hooking Up with Adam Lind — What Did She Say?
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Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska Defends Hooking Up with Adam Lind — What Did She Say?

Part two of the Teen Mom 2 Reunion Special was chock full of truth bombs, but the biggest OMG-moment of all? When Chelsea Houska revealed that she'd hooked up with Adam Lind while his baby mama, Taylor Halbur, was pregnant with their daughter. Dr. Drew almost fell out of his chair in disbelief, and it's just like, how much more can the poor man take before he ends up institutionalized?

While it's unclear whether or not Chelsea knew that Taylor was pregnant when she hooked up with Adam, she's received a lot of criticism for being the "other woman" — despite the fact that Adam is clearly at fault. He's the one who cheated on his pregnant girlfriend with his baby mama, guys!

Unfortunately, Chelsea's had to deal with lots of haters on social media who are ganging up on her, and she took to Twitter in her defense. "I don't usually comment on things said/done on the show," Chelsea tweeted and promptly deleted. "BUT to the people giving me shit for some stuff that aired on part 2 of the reunion: I'm sure if your sex life was plastered all over national television you wouldn't look like an angel either."

Living life in the public eye isn't easy for any of the Teen Mom stars, but constant scrutiny is definitely the price of fame. However, that doesn't mean that Chelsea deserves zero privacy!

Sure, she chose to be honest about her hook up with Adam, but do you think fans are being a little harsh? Let us know below.

Source: Examiner