Chelsea Houska Defends Her Parenting Style on Twitter
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Teen Mom 2

Chelsea Houska Defends Her Parenting Style on Twitter

Chelsea Houska's daughter, Aubree, is pretty much a beautiful angel 24/7, but even this flawless tot has her moments. This week on Teen Mom 2, Aubree morphed into her alter ego "Crazy Aubree" and had a total meltdown about not having a playdate. What happened next? She started writhing around Chelsea's car in a fit of sobs while poor Chelsea was at her wit's end.

Aubree's behavior was definitely out of character, and it was clear that Chelsea had no idea how to handle her emotional breakdown. Ultimately, she did the right thing by strapping Aubs in her car seat and driving off, but some Teen Mom 2 fans seem to think she should have been a bit firmer with her darling daughter. In fact, some crazies say Aubree should have been spanked!

So, what does Chelsea have to say for herself? She's not about to take fan criticism lying down, and hit Twitter to defend her parenting. "No matter how I handled Aubree's temper tantrum..people would've still complained,” Chelsea explained. “She is 4 and anyone with kids knows that happens."

She also added, "Plus...when the cameras are around I am hesitant to discipline as much knowing that when it airs, people will voice there [sic] opinions."

Presumably, Aubree would have been put in a time out had MTV's cameras not been around, but instead Chelsea simply let Aubs calm down and then took her out for ice cream. Because giving a kid sugar right after a tantrum is always a good idea!

Do you think Chelsea handled Aubree's meltdown well, or should she have been firmer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.