Is Chelsea Houska Dating Taylor Halbur’s Ex-Boyfriend?
Credit: Chelsea Houska on Twitter    

Chelsea Houska

Is Chelsea Houska Dating Taylor Halbur’s Ex-Boyfriend?

Time to check in on Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska's love life, everyone! Last we heard, this ginger bombshell was single and ready to mingle, but reports recently surfaced that Chelsea has a boyfriend.

In fact, said reports claim that Chelsea's boyfriend is none other than the ex of her arch nemesis, Taylor Halbur — aka Chelsea's baby daddy Adam Lind's second mama! We know, it's super confusing.

Basically, Adam broke up with Chelsea, started dating Taylor, broke up with Taylor, Taylor started dating a new hunk, and now said hunk might be dating Chelsea. Got it? Moving on.

According to OK! Magazine, the mystery man in question is bearded hunk Andrew Anderson, the same Andrew who allegedly used to date Taylor. So, what does Chelsea have to say about this?

"Not only is this story 100% false and laughable, the guy whos [sic] Instagram you attached is not 'Andrew Anderson,'" she tweeted.

Well, that settles that. We can only assume that Chelsea is still concentrating on being the best mom ever to her daughter, Aubree. Either that, or she's super good at keeping her relationships a secret!

Do you think there's any truth to this story? If so, we're seriously worried about the man pickings in South Dakota. Surely there's someone out there who both Chelsea and Taylor aren't interested in!

Source: OK! Magazine