Chelsea Houska Is Besties with the Kardashians…In a Dream
Credit: Chelsea Houska on Instagram    

Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska Is Besties with the Kardashians…In a Dream

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska has so much in common with the Kardashians, guys. First of all, she shares their love for cascading waves of fake hair — not to mention their love for fake eyelashes and contoured makeup.

Second of all, she has herself a love child, much like Kim and Kourtney, both of whom popped out their kiddos before tying the knot. But most importantly, Chelsea has an amazing sense of style that rivals that of Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Did you see that selfie of her in leather pants? Too cool for school.

Unfortunately, Chelsea and the Jenners / Kardashians are in slightly different reality television social circles. While Chels tends to hang with her fellow Teen Moms (oh, and Jamie Lynn Spears), Kendall and Khloe tend to hang out with Anna Wintour, Paris Hilton, and Kanye West.

However, Chelsea recently became BFFs with these a dream, that is. "Last night I had a dream I was w/ [Kylie Jenner] and [Khloe Kardashian]," Chelsea tweeted on August 4. "And all I wanted to know was where they get cute pointed shoulder blazers."

That question keeps us up on a nightly basis, Chelsea. However, not as much as the question, "Is Bruce Jenner's hair trying to take control of his brain and the World?"

Do you think Chelsea would fit right in with the Kardashians and their crazy antics? They definitely have style and goofiness in common, so we're thinking it’s a reality match made in heaven!