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Chelsea Houska Hooked Up With Adam Lind While Taylor Halbur Was Pregnant!

Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 5, Reunion Special Part 2 (April 22, 2014)

Chelsea Houska Hooked Up With Adam Lind While Taylor Halbur Was Pregnant!
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We love nothing more than a good love triangle (Vampire Diaries, anyone?), but the relationship between Chelsea Houska, Adam Lind, and Taylor Halbur on Teen Mom 2 is giving us major anxiety.

In case you need a quick refresher, Chelsea and Adam popped out a baby together at the tender age of 16, and have been in an on-again off-again relationship ever since. Meanwhile, Adam and Taylor have been dating for over a year (though they recently broke up), and welcomed a baby of their own back in 2013! Much like Chelsea and Adam, Taylor and Adam have had their fair share of drama, and briefly parted ways early on during Taylor's pregnancy. Oh, and Adam hooked up with Chelsea during their breakup. Cue heart palpitations!

Chelsea opened up about her hookup with Adam during part two of Teen Mom 2's Season 5 Reunion Special, telling Dr. Drew that she doesn't have a relationship with Taylor because "there's been past drama."

She went on to explain that "Adam was cheating on her [with me] months ago. They were broken up." Chelsea also confirmed that Taylor was pregnant while she and Adam were hooking up, saying "I don't know what to say."

Dr. Drew also asked Adam about his hookup with Chelsea, and he explained that their rendezvous is the reason why he refuses to give Chel-Chel his phone number. "I changed my phone number so we wouldn't have this problem with the hooking up … I don't want to have the feeling like I can text you if Taylor and I are fighting," Adam explained.

He then added that his relationship with Chelsea is extremely hard for Taylor. "It's been tough and I feel horrible," he told Dr. Drew. "It's tough [for her]."

Can you believe that Adam hooked up with Chelsea while Taylor was pregnant? We're not sure if Chelsea knew about Taylor's pregnancy at the time, but Adam sure did, and his behavior is pretty inexcusable. Tell us what you think about this drama-rama below!

Source: MTV