Chelsea Houska Lost More Weight — See What She Looks Like Now! (PHOTO)
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Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska Lost More Weight — See What She Looks Like Now! (PHOTO)

Having a baby at the tender age of sixteen ain't a walk in the park — just ask the entire cast of MTV's 16 and Pregnant. These ladies had to deal with deadbeat baby daddies, screaming infants, and major changes in their own physical appearance. After all, pregnancy comes with plenty of weight gain, and many of MTV's Teen Moms packed on a few pounds thanks to their adorable bambinos. The good news? All of these girls look amazing at any size, including our favorite beauty queen, Chelsea Houska.

Chelsea has spent most of her stint on Teen Mom 2 at a healthy weight — but girlfriend wasn't afraid to indulge in the occasional slice of pizza. However, these days Chelsea's all about exercise and a lean diet, and it looks like she's lost even more poundage!

Check out this recent mirror selfie of our girl Chels rocking a plaid shirt and the most gigantic hair known to man (seriously, it's as if the 8th wonder of the world is living on her head). Not only does home girl look beautiful as usual, she's absolutely tiny! Of course, some fans are inevitably going to worry that Chelsea might be losing too much, but she looks pretty healthy to us — despite the increased weight loss.

Don't forget that Chelsea's been working on her physique for almost a year now. She's had plenty of time to shed pounds naturally through diet and exercise, so it makes sense that she would have lost a bit more weight. We think this gal looks absolutely amazing, although she's beautiful at any size — even 10 months pregnant!

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