Rumors Swirl Chelsea Houska Is Leaving ‘Teen Mom 2’ After She Tells Off MTV Editing
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Chelsea Houska

Rumors Swirl Chelsea Houska Is Leaving ‘Teen Mom 2’ After She Tells Off MTV Editing


We feel like a broken record every time we report on a Teen Mom (or dad) threatening to quit the show, but could it really be happening this time?

Ever since Teen Mom 2 fave Chelsea Houska aired out her grievances with how her storyline has been edited this season, rumors have swirled Chels is totally dunzo with the series she’s been a part of for eight years.

And honestly, it definitely seems like she’s had it.

The mom of two, who turned 26 last week, has been the subject of quitting rumors many times over the years, most recently at the start of Season 8 when we learned Briana DeJesus would be joining the cast.

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Some fans speculated this meant Bri was replacing one of the girls, like the more “boring” Chelsea, though it turned out the cast now simply consists of five young moms instead of four.

Good ol’ Randy Houska, Chelsea’s dad, even denied the rumors, simply saying “no” when asked if his daughter was leaving, though he has made it clear in the past that she’s kind of over it all.

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“She’s ready to quit,” he told a dental podcast in June 2016. “I don’t think I’m supposed to say that. If the series ends, she’s fine with it.”

And that became pretty clear last week when the stay-at-home mom took to Twitter to call out MTV editing for turning some sweet scenes with her daughter, Aubree, into unnecessary drama.

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"You know. I've tried my hardest to not say my feelings on this season but after watching tonight's episode and the numerous times they've turned sweet great moments into shit,” she said, according to In Touch.

“I can't not say anything. They took this Aubree thing and f—king stretched it as far as they possibly could."


Speaking about another scene where she and husband Cole DeBoer discuss having baby fever, Chelsea tweeted, “they [producers] of course wanted to make it look like I wanted another baby but was still overwhelmed and having issues with Aubree."

She concluded, “I’m seriously heartbroken that she will see this one day and think that’s how it was.”

We can only imagine how she feels about the producers making her talk about her deadbeat baby daddy Adam Lind on camera, then!

The rumor even made its way to some of the other Teen Mom gals, who posted about the supposed story on their Instagram accounts.


Moms like Maci Bookout, Jenelle Evans, and Amber Portwood get paid to promote gossip stories like this on social media, BTW, so don’t necessarily think the rumors are true!

The aesthetician hasn’t addressed the latest round of gossip, instead focusing on her firstborn’s birthday. Aubree turns eight years old today, September 7!

And just like that, she's 8 years old happy birthday to my favorite girl!!!

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But we kind of love this new DGAF side of our Sioux Falls gal. Please don’t go, Chels!

Do you believe Chelsea is really fed up with the show? Which mom will be the first to quit? Share below!

Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.