Chelsea Houska Slams Adam Lind After Watching Teen Mom 2: “He Makes This S— Up”
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Chelsea Houska Slams Adam Lind After Watching Teen Mom 2: “He Makes This S— Up”

Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind has been threatening to take Chelsea Houska to court for custody since the dawn of chin-straps. There's no denying that this fella loves his daughter, but let's be real — with multiple DUIs under his belt and a record of flakey behavior, it's unlikely that any judge would give him the time of day. Which is why Chelsea was so surprised when Adam filled out paperwork in an effort to get visitation with Aubree every other weekend!

According to a hilarious conversation in which Adam bro'd out with a fellow dirt bike enthusiast, this dude thinks that Chelsea is unfairly keeping Aubree from him because she's jealous that their lives together didn't work out. Keep in mind that at the time this episode was filmed, Adam was in a committed relationship to Taylor Halbur and they had just popped out a baby. There's no doubt that this was painful for Chelsea, but we hardly think she'd keep Aubree away from her dad due to some misguided jealousy!

Chelsea certainly seems to think the idea of her being jealous of Adam and Taylor is laughable, and took it to Twitter to verbally eye-roll.

"I seriously thinks he makes this s— up," she tweeted during the episode, sarcastically adding "Yes I'm miserable! Lol."

We're sure Chelsea has some unresolved feelings for Adam and his questionable tattoos/hairline, but the reason he isn't in Aubree's life is 100 percent of his own making. This guy has been an absent father for as long as we can remember, and while he deserves a second (er, third?) chance, he definitely shouldn't blame Chelsea for the fact that he doesn't see Aubs!

03.12.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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