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Teen Mom 2

Chelsea Houska Slams Adam Lind’s New Love: “How Long ‘Til This Girl’s Pregnant?” — Exclusive (VIDEO)

The time has once again come to venture boldly where we go every wednesday night: A new episode of Teen Mom 2 on MTV.

We've said it before and we'll say it again, this week's episode is going to be insanely dramatic. Mostly because Chelsea Houska morphs into her sassy alter ego Shady Chelsea, in which she throws shade in the general direction of Taylor Halbur — aka Adam Lind's other baby mama!

Chelsea and Taylor don't get along despite the fact that they have the same taste in bros, but this week Chels took a moment to slam Tay for trying to bond over their mutual hatred of Adam.

In this exclusive clip, Chelsea tells her bestie, Chelsey Grace, all about how Adam has a new girlfriend named Jessica — which brings us to Taylor.

"She's like 'I'm so sorry for always posting pictures of Aubree because now I understand what it's like,'" Chelsea explains. "Because Adam's bringing their kid around a different girl.”

“And I'm like, 'Don't text me trying to relate.' Don't be my friend…don't come to me. I don't want to sit there and talk s—t about Adam with you. I don't care about what you think, all I care about is my situation, bitch.’"

The reign of Shady Chelsea is upon us. We understand where this redhead is coming from, but poor Taylor is clearly just trying to bond with her former nemesis. Is Chelsea being too hard on her?

Either way, this starlet also had some harsh words for Adam. To see what she had to say about her infamous baby daddy, watch the full video above!

Don’t miss another dramatic episode of Teen Mom 2 tonight at 10 p.m. ET on MTV!

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