Chelsea Houska Wants a Stricter Custody Arrangement with Adam Lind Following His Arrest — Report
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Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska Wants a Stricter Custody Arrangement with Adam Lind Following His Arrest — Report

Remember back in the day when Adam Lind was arrested for driving with a revoked license? Wait, sorry, let us be a bit more clear: remember a couple weeks ago when Adam was arrested again for driving with a revoked license? So do we. This infamous Teen Mom 2 star was booked on Saturday, May 17 under a "Court Services Probation Hold," and et's just say his baby mama, Chelsea Houska, isn't thrilled.

Chelsea's spent way too much of her time dealing with Adam's various arrests (never forget the time he ran into those poor old ladies), and she's finally ready to take a stand when it comes to his visitation with their daughter, Aubree. As of right now, Adam has visitation with Aubs under the supervision of his parents, but Chelsea worries that he isn't following the rules.

“Aubree isn’t allowed ride in the car with Adam,” a source tells “That stipulation is in Chelsea and Adam’s visitation agreement and he has a revoked license so it’s against the law.” However, Adam's recent behavior has Chelsea worried — can she really trust him?

“Seeing how Adam thinks he’s above everything, it makes Chelsea very nervous when Aubree’s over there because it’s out of her control,” the source adds. “Visitation is supposed to be under the supervision of Adam’s parents, but I don’t think they take it seriously either and let him take her when he pleases.”

According to Radar's source, Chelsea is setting up a meeting with her lawyers and Adam's lawyers to revisit their custody arrangement — though at this point, Adam isn't even spending his allotted time with Aubree.

“Adam hasn’t seen Aubree since he got out of jail,” the source says. “It was his visitation weekend when he got arrested and he obviously didn’t see her. And Chelsea had her for two weekends before the arrest because one was Mother’s Day. Adam hasn’t asked to see her since he got out, so it’s been about a month since he’s seen her or anything.”

We have a feeling Adam will put up a fight if Chelsea tries to change his visitation. Then again, she has every reason to be concerned about her child spending time with someone who is so out of control! That being said, as long as Adam sticks to the rules and doesn't let Aubree drive with him, maybe he should be allowed to see his daughter…

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