Chelsea Houska Opens Up About Job Drama in Teen Mom 2 Bonus Clip! (VIDEO)
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Chelsea Houska Opens Up About Job Drama in Teen Mom 2 Bonus Clip! (VIDEO)

Chelsea Houska finally got her esthetician license during this week's drama-filled episode of Teen Mom 2, but the process was far from easy.

Thanks to a bunch of internet trolls harshing her buzz, Chelsea had to jump through way too many hoops to prove that she didn't get paid for doing makeup at a friend's wedding, and even had to hire a lawyer.

The good news is that Chelsea finally got licensed. The bad news? She lost tons of time and money fighting for her right to care for people's skin.

"I feel like if I really wanted to I could go back at them and be like 'you have no proof and I just lost all this money because I wasn't able to work,'" Chelsea tells her dad in a bonus clip from MTV.

"I'm just nervous, I'm always feel like something's gonna go wrong so I wait til it's done. It's gonna be a huge weight off my shoulders."

As far as we know, Chelsea didn't threaten to sue and is currently working as an esthetician at Body Sculpting Day Spa in Sioux Falls.

Hopefully she'll eventually realize her dream of owning her very own spa, but until then, wish this gal congratulations for accomplishing so much while also juggling single-mommyhood. We don't know how she does it!

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Source: MTV