Chelsea Houska Admits She Wants Three Kids With Cole DeBoer — Sneak Peek

Teen Mom 2

Chelsea Houska Admits She Wants Three Kids With Cole DeBoer — Sneak Peek


Break out your box of tissues and prepare to weep copiously, because Teen Mom 2 is all-new tonight on MTV. Everyone's favorite reality show has reached peak levels of drama thanks to almost all its cast members going through divorces and/or breakups — but one girl is lucky in love: Chelsea Houska.


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In an exclusive sneak peek clip from tonight's episode, Chelsea chats to her friend, Chelsey, about her future with boyfriend, Cole DeBoer, and admits that she wants to have more children!

“Cole wants to have kids too,” she tells a friend. “Three because I want three!”

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So, when does Chelsea plan on having these kids? “I definitely want to wait untill I'm married to have anymore children,” she says. “Do things right this time around so I don't have to go through this s—t ever again.”


The aforementioned s—t Chelsea's talking about is her custody dispute with ex Adam Lind. More specifically, the fact that she was instructed to have their daughter, Aubree, play with her half-sister, Paislee.


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“From the beginning, I didn't have another kid, but still here I am, I'm the one that has to go out and make a relationship with these kids,” Chelsea tells her friend.


Watch the sneak peek for more of this gal's reaction to meeting up with Paislee (plus her cute comments about Cole), and check out Teen Mom 2 tonight at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.