Chelsea Houska Reveals Post-Baby Weight, Shares Tips for Shedding the Pregnancy Pounds
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Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska Reveals Post-Baby Weight, Shares Tips for Shedding the Pregnancy Pounds


For every celebrity mom who snaps back immediately after having a baby there’s another who has to work for her post-baby body — and Chelsea Houska falls into the latter camp.

The Teen Mom 2 star is getting real with fans about how difficult it was to lose the baby weight, plus, reveals just how much she weighs since having her son, Watson.

Spoiler alert: Her hard work has been paying off!

The 25-year-old welcomed her second child and first with husband Cole DeBoer, Watson Cole, on January 25, 2017.

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She hasn’t been shy at all since then about how difficult it’s been to feel like herself again and get back to her normal weight, keeping fans in the loop about her #struggles with going to the gym and eating healthy.

But followers have been noticing how amazing Chels has looked of late, and she wasn’t shy about doling out some tips... we’re just not sure you’re going to like ‘em.

The Sioux Falls gal revealed she now weighs ten pounds less than she did before she got pregnant. Way to go, girl!



It wasn’t exactly fun getting there. She limited herself to a “low-carb” diet of mostly chicken and veggies while she made more indulgent foods like bread and tacos for the rest of her family.

That sounds rough.

But still, we appreciate the stay-at-home-mom being so real about her postpartum journey.

It wasn’t until Memorial Day, for instance, four months after giving birth, that the reality star felt ready to debut her post-baby body on social media.

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From there, though, she kept the body-positivity coming, looking svelte as ever in this bikini shot (and the ones that followed) with her son:

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The only downside of all this? We have a feeling Mrs. DeBoer is going to get pregnant again very soon and have to do it all over again.



We all know she wants a gaggle of kids with her hubby sooner than later, and Randy Houska even confirmed as much in a new tweet joking how she’s not been pregnant this year… yet.

Oh well. At least she knows exactly how to get back in shape when the time comes to do it again!


What do you think of Chelsea’s low-carb lifestyle? Do you want her and Cole to have another baby soon? Share below!

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