Credit: Chelsea Houska on Instagram

It's our favorite day of the week, aka Throwback Thursday! And when we say "our favorite day of the week" we clearly mean second-favorite, because duh, Friday. Anyway, Throwback Thursday is a great opportunity to see cute pictures of your favorite celebs rocking awkward ‘90s styles, and this week we're bringing you a vintage snapshot of everyone's fave Teen Mom 2 star, Chelsea Houska!

Credit: Chelsea Houska on Instagram Photo: Chelsea Houska at Age Four

Chelsea's known for being a total fashionista with flawless style and enviable hair (read: extensions), so it's hardly a surprise that she was an adorable kid. However, it might be a surprise that this red-head is a natural blonde!

Sigh, her poor locks had no idea what would be inflicted on them...they just didn't see the hair feathers coming, guys.

Check out this picture of Chelsea at the tender age of four, rocking a giant Peanuts shirt, blonde hair, a toothy grin, and straight-across bangs. Could she be any cuter? Not only does this girl look like the spitting image of her daughter, Aubree, we're pretty sure she's taking a selfie. What a pioneer.

Do you think Chelsea and Aubree look like twins? Sound off in the comments and dish your feels on Chelsea's adorable Throwback Thursday picture!