Credit: Chelsea Houska on Instagram

Much like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, Chelsea Houska has emerged from the cocoon that was her sweatpants and morphed into a total fashionista.

Credit: Chelsea Houska on Instagram

This Teen Mom 2 star spent the formative years of her reality stardom lounging around in casual wear, but these days she doesn't leave the house without her extensions curled, her makeup styled, and her fashion totally on point.

Check out Chelsea's latest selfie — can you believe how good this girl looks? Not only is her contouring out of this world (Kim Kardashian is so jealous right now), but she's rocking leather pants. And yes, she can totally pull them off.

Chelsea looks absolutely gorgeous, and we can't believe how much weight she's lost! This starlet looks better and better every time she posts a photo to social media, and we're dying to know how she shed the pounds.

Apparently, Chelsea's gotten into shape thanks to a combination of healthy eating, hardcore workouts, and muscle-building protein powders, and the results are out of this world!

What do you think of Chelsea's bold style and bangin' new body? Hit the comments and dish!