Credit: Chelsea Houska on Instagram

Chelsea Houska celebrated her 23rd birthday on August 29, and we have so many things to discuss. First of all, it's amazing that Chelsea's already in her roaring 20s — it seems like she was a sweet teenager just a few Teen Mom episodes ago!

Credit: Chelsea Houska on Instagram

Second of all, we love the fact that this girl received a giant pile of candy and Doritos as a present from her friends. But most importantly, we need to chat about the dude that Chelsea was spotted kissing during her big night on the town. That's right, friends: We think Chelsea might have a new man.

Check out this Instagram picture of Chelsea planting a smooch on a mystery hunk's cheek. No caption, no explanation, nothing. All we know for sure is that this bro is a total catch based on his good looks, and the fact that he's wearing a button down as opposed to a man-tank.

Frankly, we're on board with Chelsea dating anyone whose car isn't secretly a small motorized lawn mower, that's all we're saying.

Make sure to check back in with Wetpaint Entertainment for more information about Chelsea's hot birthday date as this breaking story develops. We can't wait to find out who this guy is — but here's to hoping he knows how lucky he is to have Chels on his arm!