Chelsea Houska’s Ex Adam Lind Signs Autographs For a Group of Pre-Teens Fans (PHOTO)
Credit: Taylor Halbur on Instagram    

Teen Mom 2

Chelsea Houska’s Ex Adam Lind Signs Autographs For a Group of Pre-Teens Fans (PHOTO)

You guys, Adam Lind is so famous. We got to know this goatee-clad hunk on MTV's Teen Mom 2, and despite the fact that he's a) the worst boyfriend ever, b) kind of an iffy baby daddy, and c) physically incapable of being clean shaven, we've learned to love him.

Adam has some growing up to do when it comes to co-parenting with his baby mama, Chelsea Houska, but he's majorly stepped up his game in recent years. Nowadays, this former deadbeat is an A+ dad to his new baby, Paislee Mae, and he's working on spending more time with his OG daughter, Aubree!

However, we're slightly worried. As much as we applaud Adam for making an effort, we'd hardly call him a role model. He's treated Chelsea pretty questionably over the years, yet for some inexplicable reason he seems to have a fan club that's largely comprised of over-eager pre-teens.

Said fangirls caught up with Adam while he was chilling at a local Sioux Falls hot spot, and he ended up being mobbed by a bunch of tweens wearing aeropostale hoodies. Adam was nice enough to sign autographs for his groupies, and his girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, shared a picture of him doing just that via Twitter!

"Adams biggest fans!!!" Taylor posted along with a picture of her boyfriend scrawling his name on what we can only assume is a copy of J-14 magazine.

There's no question that Adam is the sweetest reality star ever (he's so good to his fans!), but do you think these girls need to find a slightly more stand-up role model? You know, like Justin Bieber? Hit the comments.