Chelsie Hightower on DWTS Season 18 Premiere: Candace Cameron Bure Can Win!
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Dancing With The Stars

Chelsie Hightower on DWTS Season 18 Premiere: Candace Cameron Bure Can Win!

Former Dancing With the Stars pro Chelsie Hightower is already back in action, blogging about last night’s Season 18 premiere for ABC News.

As you might expect, she’s mostly a ray of sunshine, with tons of positive comments and cheerleading for the 12 couples, but she did have some constructive criticism here and there, and some early favorites to watch.

For example, Chelsie’s not sure what to think about TV star/singer James Maslow. “James is a pretty face but the question is, does he have the dance chops?” Chelsie asks. “Only time will tell. The standout critique I have for this Foxtrot was that it was missing the fluidity and flow that is so crucial to this classy dance. The movement was slightly choppy. But, I’m going to cut James some slack and blame it on the music. The song was not ideal for a Foxtrot.” This one’s on you, Ray Chew!

Chelsie said she was “pleasantly surprised” by Sean Avery, considering she’s used to hockey players being terrible dancers. “His dance wasn’t bad. I mean the dude did a switch leap of all things! That’s a fairly difficult maneuver for those of you wondering what a switch leap is.”

On other happy notes, she said Danica McKellar is “an early favorite of mine” and agreed with the judges that Charlie White and Sharna Burgess’ Contemporary was the best of the night. “ A performance well done by both of you. I can’t wait to see what you two bring throughout the rest of the season!”

She also has her eye on Candace “DJ Tanner” Cameron Bure as a potential contender for the Finals. “What’s cool about Candace is her movements are not refined so as to look like she’s had formal training but yet are good enough to prove she has a ton of natural ability,” Chelsie said. “Perfect candidate to go all the way in this competition. Well done, Candace and Mark!”

Do you agree with Chelsie that Candace is a perfect candidate to go all the way — and perhaps win? Do you think choppy James can do better next time?

Source: ABC News