Cheryl Burke Dishes on Her Love Life, Dancing With the Stars Hookups (VIDEOS)
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Dancing With The Stars

Cheryl Burke Dishes on Her Love Life, Dancing With the Stars Hookups (VIDEOS)

Our dreams of Cheryl Burke as ABC’s Bachelorette won't be fulfilled this year, in part because she already has a man. Just before Valentine’s Day it was revealed that she was dating Cougar Town's Josh Hopkins. It's still relatively new, though, and Cheryl talked about the relationship (without naming names) and her past DWTS hookups while on Bethenny.

Cheryl said she can only date one person at a time, and even though she's just dating one person right now, that relationship is still "up in the air" with no "stamp" or label. So it sounds like they’re not officially exclusive, but on Cheryl’s side it is because she’s just not comfortable “spreading the love.” Bethenny Frankel pointed out how so many men don’t seem to have an issue with spreading the love. "I know that, and that's the problem," Cheryl said. "I'm not asking for a lot am I? Just, if you’re sleeping around, I just feel like it needs to be with just one person. I want that commitment."

You're on notice, buddy! Bethenny asked if Cheryl and her man had gotten to three months yet, and the DWTS pro said no. So it may be too soon for that "stamp" Cheryl wants.

Bethenny also pushed for details on how many partners Cheryl "fooled around with" after being on DWTS every year since Season 2. Bethenny referenced her own experience on Skating With the Stars, saying when you're stuck with one person all the time, they start to look sexy. Cheryl, in full sarcasm mode, replied, "Wayne Newton just did it for me. I have to say. Wayne Newton, Tom DeLay, those guys — hot." Ha! Yeah, you can't get Gilles Marini every time.

DWTS Season 18 premieres Monday, March 17 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The new cast will be revealed on Tuesday, March 4.

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