Cheryl Burke: D.L. Changed His Attitude, He Wants to Stay on Dancing With the Stars 2013
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Dancing With The Stars

Cheryl Burke: D.L. Changed His Attitude, He Wants to Stay on Dancing With the Stars 2013

We’re going to see a shiny new D.L. Hughley on Dancing With the Stars Season 16 Week 5.

We already got a taste of his positive new outlook when he previewed his Tango to On the Red Carpet. D.L. and Cheryl Burke will be dancing with pros Sasha Farber and Chelsie Hightower for the side-by-side challenge, and D.L. is one of the rare contestants actually looking forward to this new twist. "I'm excited about it,” he told OTRC. “I think steel sharpens steel and hopefully having that kind of energy around me might lift me up a little bit."

Chery wrote about the changes in D.L.’s attitude and dancing in her blog. “We've already rehearsed for 15 hours in the last three days, and I think you'll really see an improvement in his dancing this week,” Cheryl wrote. “We started rehearsing at 10 in the morning on Friday, and we didn't even take a break all day. Because we got such great feedback last week, D.L. is feeling more confident. ... I tell D.L. he's improving all the time, and he's really learning the steps much quicker now. His attitude has also changed, and he's feeling like he really wants to stay in the competition. So for everyone who's had our back lately, we're really putting in the time and hopeful you'll see an improvement this week."

It’s good to hear D.L. has turned a corner in terms of confidence and positivity. Earlier this month he was so down about the judges’ comments that he said the show was becoming horrible for him. The fact that he and Cheryl yet to be in the bottom two should give him more encouragement, so hopefully we’ve seen the last of his sad clown frown.

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