Cheryl Burke Responds to Comments She’s Now TOO Thin, Had Work Done
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Cheryl Burke Responds to Comments She’s Now TOO Thin, Had Work Done

Sometimes you just can’t win!

Dancing With the Stars pro Cheryl Burke has lost 15 pounds in the past year, saying it was never about “dieting,” she just changed her lifestyle — she cut back on partying and started eating more “clean” foods, with smaller portions.

The now 30-year-old dance champ looks great — but she always looked great. Still, Cheryl has also previously been a focus of body bullying, with some people taking aim at her slightly curvier figure.

Well, this is where you can’t win, because Cheryl is now being called out on social media for being too thin.

Cheryl recently enjoyed what looked like a fun trip to Cabo, and showed off some beautiful pictures in the sun. The photo shown is one she shared on July 7, on both Instagram and Facebook. With the Facebook pic, she wrote, “Livin the good life! Love to everyone at home!” On Instagram, she wrote, “Livin the good life! #summer #sun #life #love."

Very positive message for a very happy photo. But several fans commented on both photos, with some asking if she got lip injections (others didn’t ask, they just assumed) because her lips looked bigger, and other fans saying she’s lost too much weight.

When a couple of Facebook-ers wrote that she was getting “too thin” — and one of the comments got 85 “likes” — Cheryl replied, “Really?” Another fan wrote, "You look great except you are losing way too much weight.." and Cheryl wrote back "I haven't lost any more weight!" When others asked what she did to her lips, she replied, "I didn't do anything to my lips, I'm just pouting ... I'm sure there are a lot of photos where everyone doesn't look like themselves, it's a weird angle." People kept going on about the lip thing, suggesting she had work done, so she wrote, "I'm just pouting, geez!"

Cheryl Burke Responds to Comments She’s Now TOO Thin, Had Work Done
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Read the Facebook comments, with Cheryl’s replies, here.

Apparently the comments got under Cheryl’s skin (no pun intended). She talked to TMZ about it, saying she was especially upset because she believes a lot of the same people who are commenting on her current appearance were calling her fat before she lost the weight. "I didn't have plastic surgery and I don't have an eating disorder,” Cheryl said. “I'm just actually happy."

She’s happy and living a healthy lifestyle — and you can see more photos from her trip to Cabo on Instagram. She looks like the same old (but still young!) Cheryl we know and love.

A lot of the weight stuff probably wasn’t intended to be negative. Some of it seems to be coming from a place of appreciation for Cheryl’s previous figure, and other fans may just fear that she’s going to extreme lengths because of the harsh things haters have said in the past. Still, it’s not really flattering to tell someone to “eat a sandwich” because you miss their curves. If you’re going to respect someone’s body, respect their choice for what to do with it.

The lip thing is just from the camera angle catching her from below — and probably because most of the pics of Cheryl show her teeth as she’s smiling so you don’t see her full lips. She’s a natural stunner! Besides, focusing on her looks is too shallow — what’s really great about Cheryl is that she’s an amazing dancer (she's also a good person with a wicked sense of humor, but ... yeah, an amazing dancer). We can’t wait to see her back in action this fall on Season 19, whether it’s with Tim Howard, Guillermo or Person X. Maybe this is her time for a third Mirror Ball trophy!

DWTS Season 19 premieres this fall on ABC.

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