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This Little Chicken Grew Up to Be a CW Hottie! Who Is She? (PHOTO)

Nothing will instill a love of acting in a child like… Chicken Little? We're pretty sure that's what's happening in this throwback photo, posted by a CW star last week. (Thursday, natch.)

"My first acting job," she wrote on Twitter. While we're not sure which of these birds is the lady in question, we're guessing she's the elder chicken in the back. She's obviously bringing the A-game with that face she's making.

This 26-year-old actress is no stranger to playing characters that aren't exactly human, although she tends to nab roles a little more mythical than the noble chicken. In her first TV role in her native Australia, she played a legendary aquatic creature — although since 2011, she's spent a significant amount of time as an undead.

Next year, though, she'll play an ordinary, human police officer in an NBC period drama, unless her role in the series is more creative than we thought...

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