Child Psychologist Declares Tamra Barney a “Great Mother” — Will it Help Her Case?
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Tamra Barney

Child Psychologist Declares Tamra Barney a “Great Mother” — Will it Help Her Case?

Tamra Barney’s brutal custody battle with her ex Simon just keeps getting worse and worse. Now Renee Hulse, the psychologist who treats Tamra’s 16-year-old daughter, Sidney, has been dragged into the mess — but fortunately she had some kind things to say about the Real Housewives of Orange County mom!

“Based on my numerous meetings with both parties and the children, I have no problem advocating that Tamra is a great mother of her three children,” Renee told “She cares deeply for all three children and has never done anything intentional or purposeful to hurt her children.”

“She tries hard to fill their needs and cares about their feelings and wants to support them in any way she can,” Renee added. “Tamra is conscientious to instill responsibility in the kids as well as teaching them the value of work and respect towards others. She provides a loving home for them and supports her children to connect with their father, Simon, often.”

In response to this, Simon is insisting that Sidney stop seeing Renee for therapy. Because what a 16-year-old caught in the middle of an awful custody battle really needs is to have her therapist yanked away from her. (Not.) Hopefully, Simon will be more considerate of his children in the future.

Do you think Tamra is a good mother? Should Sidney stop seeing Renee? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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