Child Stars Turned Action Heroes: From Super-Cute to Superpowers!

Some big-screen actors have been in the game longer than others — and some got started as teeny-tiny tykes. When they grow up to be action heroes, though, the transformation is acute. Suddenly, that shy kid from Mickey Mouse Club is a stunt driver going on high-speed chases and beating dudes up to defend his lady-love, or that crackly-voiced teen is super-ripped and dominating a zero-gravity fight scene.

With Jamie Bell — the dancing little kid from Billy Elliot getting cast as The Thing in the upcoming Fantastic Four film alongside Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, and Miles Teller, we started thinking a lot about child stars that have gone through a similar journey.

Which other child actors have grown up and started kicking some butt? Read on for some adorable to action transitions, because we didn't forget that Christian "Pray to Me" Bale was in Swing Kids, either.