Children Ages 12 and 13 Are Now the UK’s Youngest Parents
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Children Ages 12 and 13 Are Now the UK’s Youngest Parents

It looks like babies are having babies! An English couple, a 12-and-3-month-year-old girl and 13-year-old boy, just earned the dubious title of becoming the youngest parents in the United Kingdom.

According to the The Sun, the couple — whose names have not been released to the public — welcomed a daughter weighing at seven pounds just last week. The baby was conceived while the girl was still in sixth grade, and it turns out that the new mother is even younger than the previous record-holder, Tressa Middleton!

As for the couple’s families, a friend close to the family told The Sun that they are rallying around the couple at this time. The girl’s mother, age 27, reportedly accompanied her daughter to the registry office to make the birth official, and she is now one of Britain’s youngest grandparents.

According to reports, the couple have been dating for over a year and plan to raise the baby together. “They're very into each other, totally in love. She is obsessed with him. She sees this as true love. They want to get married,” says a source.

“Both sets of grandparents are incredibly supportive. It's a very difficult situation because the parents are both so young - but their families are right behind them,” they added.

The girl’s father confirmed that although the couple has the grandparent's full support, the idea of the adolescent pair getting married is “nonsense.”

What do you think about babies having babies?

Source: The Sun

04.17.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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