Chinese Boy Xiao Feng “Gave Birth” to His Parasitic Twin (VIDEO)
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Chinese Boy Xiao Feng “Gave Birth” to His Parasitic Twin (VIDEO)

No, 2-year-old Xiao Feng from China did not give birth in the traditional sense, but his partially-developed parasitic twin was surgically removed from his stomach.

The Inquisitr reports that the boy was taken to the hospital with breathing problems, but once doctors performed multiple X-rays and MRI scans on his swollen tummy, it was determined that the toddler’s troubles were being caused by the conjoined twin he never knew he had.

Doctors believe Xiao’s twin had been forming in his abdomen since birth, and at the time of it’s discovery the fetus was taking up nearly two-thirds of his stomach. The fetus was revealed to be about 10 inches wide and to have developed a spine and limbs, complete with fingers and toes. Had the fetus not been immediately removed, it would have eventually killed Xiao.

The phenomenon of conjoined twins is not unheard of, being the result of an egg that failed to fully separate, but a case in which the second child develops within the first is even more rare.

Source: Inquisitr

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