Selena Gomez Choosing Taylor Swift Over Justin Bieber — Report
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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Choosing Taylor Swift Over Justin Bieber — Report

We had a feeling that the lyrics in Justin Bieber’s latest Music Monday release, “All Bad” had to be hinting toward Taylor Swift’s influence on his relationship with Selena Gomez — we wouldn’t be surprised if the older and wiser Taylor would prefer Selena learn from her mistakes and run as quickly as she can in the opposite direction from her brothel-visiting, vandalism-committing ex boyfriend.

And if Justin’s worried, it’s for good reason. According to Hollywood Life, Selena’s taking Taylor’s advice and staying away — despite whatever remaining feelings she might have for him.

“When Selena hangs out with Taylor, she knows that Taylor hates Justin so she doesn’t really bring him up so they can have fun and be friends and do fun things together when they are hanging out,” a source close to Selena reportedly said. “She limits Justin talk as much as possible.”

Taylor, who’s usually very loyal to her friends, must be pretty displeased with Justin to be so vocal about his role in Selena’s life. Taylor and Justin were once close pals, Justin even joining Taylor on her Fearless tour, which helped give him a jump on his career in his early days.

Looks like Justin better play nice with Taylor if he expects to get back in Selena’s good graces. At the very least, he should watch his back — Taylor Swift always gets the last word.

Source: Hollywood Life