Ashley Benson Chops Off Her Hair?! It’s Not What It Looks Like (VIDEO)
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Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson Chops Off Her Hair?! It’s Not What It Looks Like (VIDEO)

Keeping track of Ashley Benson’s current hairstyle is a full-time job. The Pretty Little Liars star cuts, dyes, and lengthens it every time we turn away. And she’s at it again! Did Ash just chop off her hair?!

Not really, but it is shorter! The Pretty Little Liars star just had her extensions removed, and she shows the whole process in a recent Instagram video. “My hurrrrr,” Ash sillily captioned the vid of her extensions being removed. She helpfully narrates the entire thing.

Hopefully, Ashley checked in with the PLL production team before removing the extensions. Last time she chopped it off, her TV show was none too pleased about it. In March, she told People how her frequent hairstyle changes have gotten her into trouble with Pretty Little Liars: “Well it was really short yesterday. I had to cut it for this photo shoot that I did and then Pretty Little Liars called me and were really mad at me so I had to put extensions in last night,” Ashley said. “It’s been literally like six weeks of hair stuff. I was brunette two weeks ago for another film that I did — it’s a mess, but now I’m blonde and long. Kind of.”

So, does this mean Hanna is cutting her hair on Pretty Little Liars, or is Ash just setting herself up for another extension appointment soon? It could go either way. We assume PLL was mad about Ashley’s impromptu haircut because the Season 5 premiere picks up right after the Season 4 finale. People don’t usually stop by the salon in the wake of their best friend’s return from the dead and after their English teacher just got shot in front of them. Though, if anyone might use it as a way to cope, it would be Hanna.

What do you think of Ashley’s shorter locks? Do you have a favorite hairstyle on her? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on June 10, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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