Justin Bieber and Chris Brown Collaborating on Music to Make Up For Their Pasts — Report (VIDEO)
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Justin Bieber and Chris Brown Collaborating on Music to Make Up For Their Pasts — Report (VIDEO)

Guys, it’s happening: Justin Bieber and Chris Brown are officially joining forces. Now that Chris has been released from jail, he’s free to start making music again, and he has reportedly decided to team up with Justin Bieber on his next project.

According to Hollywood Life, their thought process is this: If they collaborate on some awesome music, then maybe people will forget about their storied pasts (and Justin’s recent unflattering video leaks) and remember their talent instead. It’s a nice idea, but will it work?

“JB and Chris both feel like they're underdogs these days, and they’re coming back and are about to hit the industry with a solid one-two punch with a few tracks,” an insider who’s close with both of the guys says. “They’re busy working their asses off because the only way both of them know how to fight and earn the respect they need and deserve is through their music.”

Actually, this makes a lot of sense. Justin and Chris have a lot in common — they both broke into music at young ages, and now seem to find themselves in hot water over and over again. Maybe by encouraging each other to keep making good music, they can be positive forces in each other’s lives?

“They came into the studio and immediately, they were happy to see one another,” a different source adds. “They started play boxing and JB was like, ‘Yo what up, Chris, my brother,’ and Chris was like, ‘Haha, Biebs, look at you. What it do?’ They were as happy as can be, like two brothers from another mother.”

More loving words were never spoken. If that’s not adorable, we don’t know what is. Have fun making music, guys — and keep each other in line!

Source: Hollywood Life

06.17.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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