Chris Brown’s Mom’s Advice: “Ditch Your Friends When You’re Out of Jail” — Report
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Chris Brown’s Mom’s Advice: “Ditch Your Friends When You’re Out of Jail” — Report

Chris Brown may be stuck in jail until this summer, but when he does finally make it to the outside world, his mom has a few pieces of advice for him… as moms tend to do when their son has done time. According to Hollywood Life, Mama Joyce Hawkins thinks Chris would do well to ditch all his friends and start fresh.

“She hates most of his friends,” a source close to the singer says. “There are a few sweet boys that he surrounds himself with but for the most part, the rest of them are thugs who like to hang on to Chris and put themselves and her son in positions that he shouldn’t be in.”

That’s gotta be one of the biggest downsides to being a celebrity, don’t you think? Never knowing who’s really your friend? And for someone who’s had such an explosive career like Chris, we’re not surprised that his crowd is made up of what sounds like some pretty unsavory dudes.

“[Joyce] hopes that he can somehow see this in jail and learn something from this and wake up,” the insider says. “His friends are bad news.”

Obviously, if you’re in jail, it means something in your life has got to change if you want to avoid being put back in. Hopefully, Chris can find some pals to hang out with who are a more positive influence and who will encourage him to put his life back together instead of getting him in even more trouble.

In the meantime, Chris is still locked up and awaiting his trial — and, understandably, not loving it. His trial, which was originally supposed to take place in April, is now set for June at the earliest.

Source: Hollywood Life

05.2.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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