Marquel Martin Fires Back at Chris Bukowski For Calling Dylan Petitt “Fat”
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Bachelor in Paradise

Marquel Martin Fires Back at Chris Bukowski For Calling Dylan Petitt “Fat”

The Bachelor Universe is a weird place, when you consider that a totally normal-sized Boston bro like Dylan Petitt would be called out for being out of shape. The 26-year-old — who is pretty hunky, BTW — was not-so-kindly dubbed “Fat Damon” by his new co-star Chris Bukowski on the August 11 episode of Bachelor in Paradise. Luckily, Dylan has his fellow Bachelorette 10-er Marquel Martin to stand up for him!

While the episode was airing on Monday night, the handsome fella affectionately known as the Cookie Monster took to Twitter to call out his Bachelor in Paradise castmate, “Don't agree with Bukowski calling my man @dylanpetitt out. He just swoll, don't get it twisted #bachelorparadise.”

Thatta guy! We totally second that opinion. For his part, it seems like Bukowski regrets his rude statement. He took to to the social media site to say, “@DylanPetitt @MarquelMartin didn't think that for a second man.. Not one second. I apologize for those words coming out of my mouth.”

Apology accepted, sir. Plus, looks like recently eliminated Dyls couldn't care less about the whole thing. He’s just using it as an excuse to get his jacked buddy Marquel to help him out in the gym! “@MarquelMartin love you bro. Hey you think you can train me for a few months/years?” he tweets in response, to which the fashionisto writes, “@DylanPetitt when u move to Vegas yes. Love u DY-LAN.”

Way to turn lemons into lemonade, buddy!

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