New Couple Alert: Bachelor in Paradise Stars Chris Bukowski and Elise Mosca Dating! — Exclusive
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Bachelor in Paradise

New Couple Alert: Bachelor in Paradise Stars Chris Bukowski and Elise Mosca Dating! — Exclusive

Fans of the rose have likely been sniffing around the internet for any clues about Bachelor in Paradise hookups. While some are hazy still, there's one pairing that has photographic evidence: Bachelorette Season 8/Bachelor Pad 3 alum Chris Bukowski and Bachelor Season 18's Elise Mosca!

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with a show insider about the new hot couple, and lo and behold, Chris and Elise made their first public debut this week! The pair was spotted in Chris's Chicago hometown (though he currently lives in Virginia), arriving on a flight looking tan and underdressed for the weather on June 15.

"They met the first day Chris got there, and there were immediate sparks," the insider says. Just like we had heard, the cast has apparently been making entrances at various times. As the original core group gets eliminated, others come on. Chris arrived later than Elise did, as she was one of those people in the group announced by ABC.

Though things were going great for Chris and Elise on the show, Chris took a spill in the ocean and injured himself pretty seriously. Though we’re getting conflicting reports about how the two officially left — either through elimination or on their own accord — we can see why the hot bachelor wouldn’t want to stick around paradise with a torn-up knee.

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Pics snapped by Splash News of the maxi dress-clad former schoolteacher and her new beau surfaced a couple days after they peaced out of paradise, as filming continues south of the border. Though you can’t see the extent of the damage underneath his loose-fitting pants in the photos, it sounds like the TV veteran was lugging along some new accessories during his journey — crutches! We wish Chris a speedy recovery and the new couple lots of luck and many more photogenic moments.

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