Chris Bukowski Says Elise Mosca Isn’t Crazy
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Bachelor in Paradise

Chris Bukowski Says Elise Mosca Isn’t Crazy

You meet a man and five minutes later can’t stop gushing about all the cute babies you’re going to have together? In real life, that’s How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days levels of crazy (looking at you and your baby mash-up photo album, Kate Hudson). But in the fantasy realm known as Bachelor in Paradise, wanting to have a nearly total stranger’s offspring is just another day for Elise Mosca.

While many of Elise’s BiP co-stars called her on her obsession with two choice men in the house, one of the objects of her affection has gone on record saying she’s not as cuckoo as she seems.

Chris Bukowski chatted up Cupid’s Pulse about his former love and attempted to clear her name — despite the fact that Chris broke their relationship off because “we were at two very different points in our lives.”

While he “wasn’t confident Elise was the right girl for me,” Chris insists she’s not deranged as much as romantic.

“It’s tough for me to hear people say she’s crazy when she’s only crazy about falling in love,” he says. “She’s a nice, genuine girl, and I’ve never heard anyone who knows her say a bad thing about her. She’s very caring and will make someone very lucky one day… as long as she lays off the sequin outfits!”

Aww Chris. You’re such a sweet guy! No wonder Elise wanted to have your kids!

Source: Cupid’s Pulse