Bachelor in Paradise Producer Teases Chris Bukowski Injury in Episode 3!
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise Producer Teases Chris Bukowski Injury in Episode 3!

You didn’t think four-time Bachelor all-star Chris Bukowski would come quietly onto Bachelor in Paradise, did you? The 27-year-old hunk has been breaking hearts and taking names since we first met him during Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette 8 in 2012, and he’s not stopping now. But according to one of the BiP producers, he could face a major roadblock in next week’s Episode 3 — namely, a major, game changing injury!

Bachelor/ette executive producer Robert Mills has made a habit of sharing the occasional juicy spoiler, and he did just so on Twitter after last night’s dramatic episode. “Here's my tease for next week. JUST WAIT until you see Bukowski walking with a cane like Thurston Howell III #BachelorInParadise,” Millsy writes.

While this hilarious image might distract you for a moment — feel free to take a giggle break here, we’ll wait — afterwards, you’ll notice that means that Bukowski is hurt enough next week that he’ll need a cane! What happened, buddy?!

Now, we’re not sure if this is totally related, but Chris Harrison also teased something wild that is going to happen with both Chrissy B and hookup buddy Elise Mosca in next week’s outing.

“Next week, things get even crazier with Elise and Chris. What does that mean? Well, it’s something you’ll just have to see to believe. It’s truly the last thing you would ever expect,” the host writes at the end of his Entertainment Weekly blog.

Hmmm.. after Episode 2’s foot-breaking incident, we’re not sure how much more of these injuries our hearts can take! Hope Chris is OK!

What do you think happens with Chris next ep? Share your theories in the comments below!

Source: Robert Mills on Twitter