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Chris Colfer Admits to Sleep Shopping — And You’ll Never Guess What He Bought! (VIDEO)

When you’re a hot young star in Hollywood it’s pretty much a given that you’re likely to have some strange habits and bizarre rituals, but we don’t think anything compares to Glee star Chris Colfer’s (Kurt) recent admission about what he does while he’s sleeping.

Chris was a guest on The Tonight Show on July 8, and during his appearance, the 24-year-old actor dropped a pretty hilarious bomb on host Jimmy Fallon that concerns his always problematic sleeping habits. “I used to take this pill to help me sleep, and then I guess when I was asleep I’d take out my iPad and I’d just start shopping,” he explained.

That reveal alone was enough to garner a hearty laugh from the audience, but Chris was hardly done yet. Apparently what he chose to order online was even funnier than the action of sleep shopping itself.

“The things that I would get we’re just crazy,” he continued. “I got a full Marie Antoinette portrait.” Honestly, a masterpiece like that would be hard to work into the decor of any home, but we have a sneaking suspicion that Chris took the advice of Project Runway host Tim Gunn and “made it work.”

The interview also notes that Mr.Colfer made some other humorous and even “suggestive” purchases while under the influence of sleeping pills, but we’ll let you check out the clip above to learn about them for yourself!

Given his odd sleeping habits, we’re kind of surprised that Chris’s Twitter account wasn’t hacked earlier!

Did you have any idea that Chris was a sleep shopper? And what about his extensive knowledge of fairy tales? Watch the video above to learn all about that!

07.9.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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