Chris Colfer Says Blaine and Kurt Will “Definitely End Up Together”
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Chris Colfer Says Blaine and Kurt Will “Definitely End Up Together”

We don't blame you if you're starting to worry that Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) might not still be together by the end of next week's Glee Season 5 finale. But is the couple actually going to be okay?

Chris tells E! Online that he thinks Klaine's relationship will withstand the test of time. "I think they're gonna be just fine," Chris says. "I don't think the fans have anything to worry about." Phew!

Kurt and Blaine are engaged at the moment, but there have been hints on the show lately that the relationship might not be built to last. So we're relieved Chris is confident that Klaine is endgame.

"They will definitely end up together in the end somehow," Chris continues. "I think they're very, very young to be engaged, but I definitely see them being together in the end for sure."

Awesome news! We love Kurt and Blaine together, so the thought of them breaking up yet again is not a very cheery notion. And if Chris thinks they'll end up together, then he's probably right!

However, just because they're likely to be together when the series ends doesn't mean they won't still have their issues during next week's Season 5 finale. Fingers crossed!

Do you think Klaine is endgame?

Source: E! Online