Chris Colfer on Sending Kurt to Russia: “I’m Fine With That”
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Chris Colfer on Sending Kurt to Russia: “I’m Fine With That”

Many months ago Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy toyed with the idea of sending Kurt (Chris Colfer) to Russia, a country that’s made headlines in recent months for its staunch anti-gay stance and policies.

At the time we thought Ryan was kidding about sending out and proud Kurt to a country that has no tolerance for the LGBT community, and even though Ryan hasn’t mentioned it in a long time, it turns out Chris is actually on board for a journey out east. Kind of.

When E! News asked the 23-year-old actor if he thought if Kurt journeying to Russia would be a “cool avenue” to explore, he said, “Um, yeah, I think so, just as long as we're not filming on location I think I'm fine with that.” Even though Chris seemed game for a Russian relocation, he did admit that maybe it wasn’t the best locale for his Glee alter-ego to visit, especially given the current unrest in that region of the world. “That's a quite a commute, and that's quite a dangerous commute these days,” he conceded.

And even though Ryan hasn’t mentioned Russia specifically in several months, we know that next Tuesday’s Glee Season 5 finale will send our beloved characters in many different directions, while next Fall’s Season 6 will be set in an entirely new location. Hmm…

Should Kurt start learning about Fabergé Eggs and developing a fondness for vodka? You never know, it could still be in the cards! Tell us what you think about Kurt’s possible relocation to Russia below.

Glee Season 5 airs Tuesday nights on FOX at 8 p.m. ET.

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