Glee’s 100th Episode: What Song Does Chris Colfer Want to Sing?
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Glee’s 100th Episode: What Song Does Chris Colfer Want to Sing?

We're beyond excited for Glee's upcoming 100th episode extravaganza. And one of the main reasons we're looking forward to it besides all the guest appearances, of course is because fans get to choose the ten songs to be performed. But what songs would the cast like to perform?

Recently, Fox selected 30 classic Glee performances from throughout the series and asked fans to choose their ten favorites, which will be performed anew during the milestone episode. The 100th episode will be Season 5 Episode 12, and it will presumably air on March 18, 2014.

And although it will be a while before we know which songs the fans chose, we're now learning which tune Chris Colfer (Kurt) would want to sing again, if he had his druthers.

"You know, I think I would like to give 'Defying Gravity' another shot," Chris tells E! Online. "I think, back in Season 1, when I had a bunch more face, I was terrified to record that."

"And I think, when I listen to it, I realize how terrified I was to sing it," Chris adds. "So I'd like to do that again but to give another confidence shot."

Frankly, we think Chris and Lea Michele (Rachel) were dynamite on their initial rendition of "Defying Gravity," and it's one of our favorite Glee performances ever. But if he wants to let us hear his amazing voice tackle it again, who are we to say no?

Are you hoping "Defying Gravity" will be performed on the episode? Or are you hoping to hear Chris sing something else?

Source: E! Online